Andriy Kuchko

Andriy Kuchko

Professor, D.Sc.


Donetsk State University, 1984

Specialty: “Physics”

Qualification: “Physicist. Teacher”

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 2007
(01.04.11 magnetism)

Dissertation topic: “Waves and inhomogeneities of magnetization in spatially modulated structures ”

2021 – Professor of the Department of General Physics of Igor Sikorsky KPI

Research interests

Investigates the physics of magnetic phenomena, in particular the processes of spin wave propagation in spatially inhomogeneous magnetic materials and the nature of the dynamics of localized magnetic inhomogeneities in ferromagnets and superconductors.


Scattering of exchange spin waves from a helimagnetic layer sandwiched between two semi-infinite ferromagnetic media
Article  •  free
Anomalous Refraction of Spin Waves as a Way to Guide Signals in Curved Magnonic Multimode Waveguides
Article  • free
Spin wave modes in a cylindrical nanowire in crossover dipolar-exchange regime
Article  • free
Emission of coherent spin waves from a magnetic layer excited by a uniform microwave magnetic field