Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Postgraduate and doctoral studies are forms of training highly qualified scientific, pedagogical and scientific personnel.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies open at higher educational institutions of the third or fourth levels of accreditation and equivalent institutions of postgraduate education, in scientific institutions with highly qualified scientific and pedagogical and scientific personnel, a modern research, experimental and material base.

Training of graduate students and masters is carried out in the field of 10. Natural sciences in the specialty 104. Physics and astronomy and includes the following areas:

Topics of postgraduate dissertations

Козлов О.А. ” Термомагнітні ефекти в багатошарових наноструктурах на основі сильних і розбавлених феромагнетиків та антиферомагнетиків” науковий керівник Решетняк С.О.

Department of postgraduate studies

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