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How is James Webb different from Hubble?

It is a mistake to think that James Webb will replace Hubble, who has been devoted to humanity for over 30 years. Both telescopes will complement each other. Webb will build on Hubble’s impressive legacy, helping us look even deeper into the universe. Here are some differences between these space observatories:

🛰 Hubble about the size of a school bus
🔭 Webb the size of a tennis court

🛰 Hubble looks at ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared light
🔭 Webb will see the light of near and middle infrared radiation

🛰 Hubble can be repaired and upgraded while in orbit
🔭 Webb will be too far from Earth to repair

🛰 Hubble is in low Earth orbit at an altitude of 547 km from Earth
🔭 Webb will operate near the Lagrange point L2, located 1.5 million km from Earth

🛰 Hubble has one 2.4 m wide mirror
🔭 Webb has 18 hexagonal mirror segments with a total width of 6.5 m