Viktoriia Khist

Хіст Вікторія Володимирівна КПІ

Viktoriia Khist

Senior Teacher, Ph.D.


Tavriya National University, 2003, Simferopol

University of Education Management of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 2009, Kyiv

Institute of Problems of Materials Science, 2014, Kyiv

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

(specialty 01.04.07 – “Solid State Physics”)

Dissertation topic: “Phase transitions, magnetic and ferroelectric properties of oxide nanomaterials”

2021 – Senior Teacher of the Department of General Physics Igor Sikorsky KPI

Research interests


Book Chapter
Effective flexoelectric and flexomagnetic response of ferroics
Article  •  free
Renovation of interest in the magnetoelectric effect in nanoferroics
Flexoelectricity induced spatially modulated phases in ferroics and liquid crystals
Article  •  free
Fixed volume effect on polar properties and phase diagrams of ferroelectric semi-ellipsoidal nanoparticles